Tux the Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo cats are gorgeous black and white cats that seem to be wearing… a tuxedo! Remember Felix the Cat? This week I was very lucky to meet Tux, a gorgeous rescue tuxedo who is oh-so-photogenic!

Beautiful Tux

Those eyes!

Cute white socks

Tux is about 1.5 years old and was found living with other cats in Macquarie Park in an almost abandoned housing complex when he was found. He was the friendliest of all the strays there so he was easily rescued and has been living with a wonderful couple in Balmain for the last 5 weeks.

He’s very cuddly with his foster pawrents and crazy about food - apparently any food left on the kitchen bench is fair game to him and has been caught licking the butter dish!

Yum yum

Standing near the kitchen bench

With my foster dad

He’s available for adoption with Urban Kittens and would make an ideal lap cat for anyone needing extra fluffiness in their life.

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