Toku and Kuro the black and grey rescue kittens

This week I met two gorgeous kittens who were born just a couple of blocks from my home! They were rescued by a lovely lady near the Mascot shops and they’re now living with their foster parents and three other kitties, waiting for the right person to give them their forever home.

They say black cats (and dogs) are the last to be adopted because they never look good on their adoption photos but I beg to differ! Kuro, the black kitty, is a beauty. He’s playful and cuddly, and I dare anyone not to fall in love with those eyes! He wouldn’t stop playing with his foster mum but in the end right before I packed away he just chilled and let me take some more relaxed photos.

In my foster’s mummy arms

I’m too gorgeous

Just look at me! Aren’t I the cutest?

Toku his grey brother is so handsome and elegant, and rather than show me his cute playful kitty moves like Kuro, he just sat there like a prince, looking at me with those gorgeous eyes, probably thinking “come on peasant, hurry up” as I took portraits of him.

Can you stop looking at me?

Are we almost done here?

I am such a prince I know!

They are such a stunning pair of kittens their foster mum doesn’t think they’ll be waiting for their forever palace too long!

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