Sooty and Betty rescue kitties

Sooty and Betty are two lovely kitties from Urban Kittens, a local cat rescue group. Sooty was found eating from a garbage bin in Wiley park while Betty was rescued with her five kittens in Brighton-le-Sands!

Betty boo! Stunning colours

Sleepy Sooty

Cuddling on the bed

Betty’s kittens were adopted out and the foster family were left with young Sooty, 10 weeks old, and Betty, about 1 year old. They might come from different backgrounds but they’ve bonded and now enjoy playing together or cuddling on their comfy bed.

Sooty is still tiny but super playful and eats literally for two, he ate Betty’s lunch while nobody was looking! Betty,  a stunning calico girl, loves grooming him, and she also enjoys joining for a play with the fluffy kitty wand, although she likes to take things slowly, she’s very calm and poised lady.

On the prowl

Gorgeous Betty

Tiny Sooty

They are being cared for by a lovely family who already have another calico cat and two dogs: a tiny little one who loves barking, and a huge but incredibly gentle (and quiet!) Irish Wolfhound. Sooty and Betty had a rough start in life but they’re now looking for their forever loving home!

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