Sofia the Playful Kitten

Where to start? I have a soft spot for calico cats as my own Callie is one, so obviously it was love at first sight when I saw Sofia. She’s a gorgeous rescue kitten staying with a beautiful foster family, which includes two resident cats, a fluffy dog, humans and another two foster kittens! Quite a crazy household but somehow everyone seems to get along, or at least they stay out of the way of others.

Sofia is full of beans, so playful and curious about all the toys I brought along to get her interested. As most kittens she is not exactly a professional model so I had to go with the flow and capture her cuteness wherever she chose to perform. I could have spent all day taking photos of her!

I’m sure she’ll find her forever home very soon. If it wasn’t for Benny my pupnado I would probably be applying myself! Can’t wait to meet more Urban Kittens, they really make my day 💜

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