Pretty girl Caramello

Caramello is a gorgeous young tortoiseshell whom I remember seeing at my local vet when she was waiting to be adopted. I used to think “If only my Callie cat was a bit friendlier I would take this one home too!”, so I’m really pleased she has found a wonderful forever family who are crazy about her.

As a young cat Caramello was easy to entertain but also easily distracted and her dad had to go pick her up from next door a few times when she had enough of me and my camera! I was delighted to get some beautiful photos of her playing with a toy and posing next to a bright pink ball. She is such a stunning looking cat.

I loved meeting Caramello and her humans, it was such a nice surprise to see her again, this time not in a cage, but happy roaming in her big backyard and getting lots of attention from her family. I hope they enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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