Ida and Cedar the German Shorthaired Pointers

These two beautiful German Shorthaired Pointers have very different personalities… most of the time! Ida is a real lady, a delicate two-year-old princess who likes to pose and look very dignified. Cedar on the other hand is a big clown on four paws, obsessed with his frisbee and can jump in the air like a real acrobat!

Ida, such a lady

Even when she runs she looks elegant

Cedar the jumping dog

Beautiful cedar posing for me at last

But then when you put them together somehow they start to act alike, running around, chasing each other, their huge ears flapping in the air. They are just gorgeous to look at, and so fast! Sometimes I forget I’m there to take their photos and miss the best shots…

Ida and Cedar’s flapping ears

More silly running in the grass

Ida’s action shot

Cedar making friends

Their Mums love them to bits, but getting the four of them to pose together was a bit of a challenge as Cedar was more interested in playing with other dogs than smiling for the camera. Patience and perseverance always pays, and I never run out when it comes to cuddly and playful dogs. I hope they enjoyed their session with me as much as I loved meeting them!

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