Hank the Golden Lab

Hank is a gorgeous four and half month old golden labrador from Cronulla. I met him with his mum, dad and aunty near the beach on a Sunday afternoon, he was such a perfect model! He has striking greenish eyes and even more stunning almost pink nose.

Posing like a pro

Running like a doofus :)

Beautiful smile

His mum and aunty were very helpful helping me get perfect action shots or getting him to sit looking very professional, very serious. At the end of the session we had to climb some stairs to go back up and he just stood there, refusing to follow us. But he’s a smart puppy, so he just went around and up the hill to join us!

Making friends

Run Hank run

Not sure about these stairs

He even enjoyed a bit of play with other local dogs, it was such a great location full of friendly pooches! Dog heaven for dog lovers. I hope Hank enjoyed posing for me and that his mum and dad love his photos. I think he’s got a great future as a pro, he’s such a natural 💙

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