Bondi Didge in Coogee

Didge the Amstaff / Bull Terrier cross was born almost seven years ago in North Bondi. He doesn’t just “sit”, his best mate tells him to “chill”, and he’s definitely a very chilled dog who also loves to chase balls at the park. Apparently he’s a bit of a local celebrity and has made some brief appearances on the Bondi Rescue show!

I met Didge and his best mate at a park in Coogee and I loved seeing the fantastic bond between them. Didge is not just his “baby”, he’s his best friend, and it really shows on the photos.

After running like crazy chasing a ball and getting distracted by all the other dogs at the park, we decided to try a few more posed shots on the cliffs facing the ocean, with Didge sitting calmly and looking more or less in my direction. I was trying to make all these crazy sounds to grab his attention but he only had eyes for his human! We finished the session with some beautiful shots showing the awesome connection between Didge and his best mate.

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