About Smiles and Paws


My name is Laetitia, and I live in Sydney, Australia.

Animals make us better people, and that's why I'm trying to improve the world around me, by creating beautiful portraits of your fur babies so they can continue to brighten your day when they're no longer with you.

I also enjoy helping less fortunate animals by taking photos of rescue kittens for Urban Kittens, a local cat charity. Check out their Facebook page if you are looking for a new kitty in your life! 

When I'm not taking photos of doggies or kitties I love looking at the beautiful heritage architecture of Sydney. My dream is to live in a Federation Bungalow! 

My inspiration

Meow. I'm Callie. I will ignore you until I demand cuddles. I'm gorgeous and I'm worth it.

Benny and Eddie, my two troublemakers. Benny came from a shelter when he was just 10 kg, and has now grown bigger than his big bro Eddie!

My beautiful girl Jack! I adopted her from a garage sale in 2009 when she was already quite old, and she stayed with us till she was 17. Best vacuum cleaner ever. Super smart too. Miss her every day.


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